Bespoke design, product sympathetic and appealing to your target customer.


Search engine optimisation that will drive traffic to your website.


Deliberate layouts delivering sales, conversions and increased profitability.

Our Commitment to Top Class Service

Our number 1 goal is your success. Without your success we cannot expect to keep you as a partner in business. We will treat your business as if it’s our own and we take our business very seriously.

Key Exposure provides a wide range of multimedia services, for a range of clients from self employed individuals to multinational corporates. We pride ourselves on our meticulous attention to detail when specifying, researching, planning, developing and testing the right multimedia solution for you. Key Exposure offers a range of competitively priced packages to meet your needs.

Key Exposure is a professional and dedicated multimedia agency having proficiency and experience in designing multimedia applications to accomplish client goals. We want to create a product which will work for your company, our focus is on monetising web traffic, lead generation, and increasing the profitability of your company.

An application’s design can have a powerful affect. The right Website, brochure, or application design  kindles in a user the right perception of your business; it engenders confidence and trust in your business. The design of your project seeds the first impressions that new customers have of your business. With our experience we know that exclusive knowledge and blend of business understanding along with a number of processes that go behind the making of a good quality Design.

Our design process:

  • Discovery : Understanding your target audience and KPI’s.
  • Planning : Establishing timelines.
  • Content Architecture : Planning your project’s content and structure.
  • Design : Creating and refining interface and graphic design elements.
  • Development : Bringing it all together.
  • Testing : Testing your application in multiple environments.
  • Launch : Your project goes live.

Our Services: